Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Meet One of Our Featured Brides- Stephanie!

Stephanie is not only one of our bloggers here on Flaming Tulle but she's also a bride-to-be. Her passion for weddings and planning them is really being put to good use now!

Vicky: Let's start with the basics shall we? How did you and Mike meet?
Stephanie: We met in December 2001. Your husband knew Mike from being stationd together in the Marines. Mike was heading down to San Diego one weekend. Your husband, Dom, arranged a phone call between Mike and me and we talked and decided to meet for dinner while he was in town. We've been inseparable ever since.

V: Oh, I remember that night well. We were all at a Happy Hour together when Dom got this bright idea that you two should meet. I thought you two had things in common, but we never expected it to work out this well. So, how did Mike propose and when?
S: In the spring of 2005 Mike spent several months mountain biking in New Zealand. While there, he designed a ring and had it made by a local jeweler. He proposed when I picked him up at the airport, at LAX.

V: I love that! That's the second story I hear about airport proposals. When is the big day?
S: June 25, 2007

V: Have you picked a theme? Colors? A place? What
have you done so far and are willing to give away? I know that you and Mike don't want a lot of things to get out yet about the day.
S: It's at the Brazilian Room in Berkeley, CA. We wanted an outdoor wedding, but love this building, so we're trying to bring the outdoors in with lots of flowers and a natural, rustic feel to the decor. My mom's making my dress. We have a caterer. We've decided on centerpieces and favors, now we just have to actually make them. We decided on a kind of cake, but not a place to get it yet. We know what kind of flowers we like, but will pick out whatever looks nice at farmers' market the day before. At 4 months out, I admit lots of stuff is still up in the air, but we're not worried. We have the basics down for a great party. Most of our friends and family members are traveling from the East Coast and we really just want everyone to have a fun vacation exploring the San Francisco Bay Area. And we are a true team in planning this event. I can't imagine making all these decisions and doing all the work without Mike.

V: Congratulations again and I think the whole event sounds like it's going to be beautiful. I can't wait! Join us soon when we ask Stephanie more questions about her on-going saga in wedding planning and diying the whole event.

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Lauren said...

Yay for airport proposals! Mine happened at the baggage claim at Dulles, when my (now) fiance was picking me up from a work trip to Reno. I can't say often enough that the best part of Reno was coming home!

And now every time I go to Dulles, I get a little excited, 'cause it's "The Place!"