Saturday, March 3, 2007

Memory Is Art

While browsing Etsy one evening, a sort of eBay of craftiness, looking for wedding stuff ideas, I found the wonderful artwork of Ouissi Gresty. Ouissi creates handmade cards, journals, and albums. But her work is so much more dimensional than that sentence. Her work is more like paper sculpture, the way she layers the papers and adds so much personality to each piece. Each card is a work of art in itself. She has an inventory of some cards on hand, and she will gladly accept a commision to make something just for you with your photos.

Wouldn't these flower cards make wonderful invitations or thank you notes? I'm thinking a travel journal made from honeymoon photos would be spectacular. The bride image above is a custom wedding album that Ouissi created for a client. Ouissi also makes cards from some of your favorite desserts. The possibilities are endless. Check the link to her shop below for more fantastic pictures.

You can see all of Ouissi's work at her Etsy store and learn about how she does it all at her Memory Is Art blog. She has also recently added web design to her business. She is located in the UK, but will work with clients all over the world. More detailed information about Ouissi's products, including how to commission a piece, can be found at her Memory Is Art website. (More detailed shipping information is available at her Etsy shop.)

(Click any image to enlarge it. Images used with permission.)

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Ouissi Gresty said...

Thanks for writing about my's a wonderful write up ;)

Ouissi x