Friday, February 9, 2007


I was watching “Married Away” on the Style network recently and to make a long story short, the bride picked out hot pink as the main reception color (the groom sat silently, smiling politely), but when the wedding planner got to the hotel banquet hall with one of the special-order hot pink tablecloths, she saw that the color clashed horribly with the wallpaper and carpet in the room. Note: Look at your reception hall before deciding on hot pink tablecloths. (The hotel party planner’s idea to bring it all together—add more pink! And sparkles!)

On the subject of colors, I hate the question, “What are your wedding colors?” It makes me feel like I have to conform to some pre-packaged wedding formula. Yes, my bouquet is dark purple and we’re bringing in lots of greenery… but saying our colors are purple and green just does not convey the image we have of our wedding. I really want to tell people we don’t have colors and leave it at that. There’s so much pressure to say something.

Who says we have to have colors? Yes, there should be some sort of decorative color scheme to pull the room together, especially for a semi-formal to formal wedding. That holds true for just about any party. But how do you avoid the niche industry that has evolved around wedding colors? Bridesmaids’ dresses, napkins, flowers, favors, candles… if you want it all to match, someone out there can be paid enough to make that happen for you.

But how do you find your inspiration color? And how do you plan a party around it without making the whole thing look like a dyed-to-match nightmare?

More to come on this...

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