Thursday, February 22, 2007

On the topic of shoes...

I'm having a hard time deciding on what to get. I love shoes. Why is this so hard?

What makes a bridal shoe a “bridal” shoe? Anything other than it’s white? Or ivory? A couple quick searches at reveal pretty much the same results, whether you search for “bridal,” “white,” or “ivory.” Seems like the bridal shoe industry is another offshoot of the wedding industry racket.

Since it’s my special day can I get away with treating myself to navy satin Pucci pumps (left)? Even though they don’t match the rest of the wedding in any way? I promise I’d wear them all the time to make the purchase worthwhile. (I’ve already designed a black and navy wardrobe around them.)

Or, since my dress is a Vera Wang design, should I treat myself to Vera Wang shoes (right)? They, along with the Puccis, are a bit out of my price range.

Do I have to buy shoes that will only be worn on my wedding day? I’d really love something more wearable. I’m not tied to white or ivory; anything that looks good with the dress would be fine. There's the cheap disposable pair of shoes (left). Under $60. No commitment; no guilt.

I’d prefer not to wear sandals. That way I won’t have to get a pedicure. I hate when people touch my feet, and not choosing a nail polish color is one less decision I’d have to make.

Is this one of those decisions that can wait until, like, a week or two before the wedding to make?

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Vicky said...

I say, buy shoes you like and love and if you want can wear again. The Pucci's show you and might give you that added zing! in your step for the day and then could be worn again and again and again!