Wednesday, February 14, 2007

File Under "Love Hurts"

Or maybe "Beauty Is Pain"?

It's Valentine's Day, and since my other half is out of the country right now, I'm spending some quality time with myself tonight. What does that entail? The follow-up to waxing my eyebrows last weekend. Yes, it's confessional time. Last weekend I waxed my eyebrows myself for the first time. I found this little guideline, How to Wax Your Eyebrows. I had the free time, and no plans to see anyone for a couple days (except the kids at Starbucks, who saw me through a really too-dark home-hair-dye job a few months ago), so I figured why not. I took the advice to do it in small patches because I was very afraid of erasing my eyebrows completely. Tonight I followed up with plucking. Why did I wait several days to follow up with the plucking? Because the waxing and the plucking freakin' hurt. I can handle the pain, but once my eyes start to water I have to stop.

Confession #2: They aren't even and I don't know how to get them even. I'm afraid to do more wax, but it's taking forever to pluck them. I don't think it's noticeable to anyone but me. In fact, the kids at Starbucks gave me more pleasant small talk than usual (thanks to the new eyebrows?).

I know this anecdote would be funnier if I had totally ruined my eyebrows and was brave about showing my face in public anyway (with plenty of time for them to grow back before the wedding). But my point is that with some care, even a klutz like me can tame the eyebrows successfully. If you've ever been curious about it, go ahead and try it. I'm just a regular girl trying to make it in this crazy bridal world. Am I victim of bridal peer pressure?

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Vicky said...

Oh the waxing of the eyebrows. I by rule only do it twice a year or if something really important is coming up, like vacation or wait a minute, a wedding. If lots of photos are to be taken, I like my brows stylized.

Seeing as I'm now a WAHM not rolling in dough, my bi-annual waxing is really in place. I just plucked today. I follow the steps like combing my brows up and following the line. Here's a hint too- Pluck right after a shower, and apply ambesol to ease the pain of plucking. Trust me. It works. Ancient New England secret that is.