Friday, February 2, 2007

It's A Family Affair

My mother isn't involved in the wedding planning process at all. I don't plan on getting married again so I want her to be part of it this time around but she really doesn't seem interested at all. I end up feeling let down and hurt most of the time which is NOT how I want this whole thing to go. Help!

Fear not, I am familiar with this syndrome! Most people have overly involved mothers and right now you are probably wishing for even a smidgen of that attention right?

Let me ask you this. Do you call your mother and ask her to participate? When you picked out your dress or have a fitting have you asked her to be present for it? If not, then first try that! You might be surprised. She might be the type of person who actually wants you to do things your way and not get overly involved. Refreshing for most readers I'm sure.

If that isn't the case and you have already done that simple task then write her a letter, take her to lunch, or again call her and explain (in a non-whiney "this is my day!" voice that I know you have) how important it is to you that she be part of this one-time process. Tell her you love her and want her with you during parts of it. She doesn't have to be duct-taped to your side. Give her specific areas you would like her advice telling her how much you value her opinion in those areas. Maybe she loves china? Ask her for help there! Does she like flowers or arranging them? Then she'd be great in that department. In the end I bet she comes around and will be glad to help. Chances are she just didn't want to be the Mother of Bridezilla that is often depicted these days.

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