Friday, February 2, 2007

The Benefits of a Wedding Website

The Benefits of a Wedding Website

These days when virtually everything is well virtual, you can do almost anything online. Pictures are online, vendors can be contacted, and portfolios viewed via the World Wide Web. You email your friends and family the story of your engagement and keep your bridesmaids updated thrice daily on what you want, need, love and hate about the whole wedding shebang. Why not create a wedding website?

The benefits of a wedding website are easy. First, it keeps people updated on all the important information about the wedding itself. It can tell the story of how you crazy lovebirds met, what the proposal was like and if you are having a dress code for the event. You can even link your registry to your site. People can leave you wonderfully, sweet messages too. Some sites even have countdowns to the big day if you’re into that kind of thing.

A wedding website can also help keep you organized. When life gets chaotic with floral messes, fittings and bridesmaid fights you can refer to everything quickly and efficiently by simply logging onto your own site. Everything is right there for viewing, even directions to the church are there. It will give you piece of mine, voyeurs in your family something to gawk at and make the day that much more official.

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