Monday, February 5, 2007

But They Are So Cute!


To have or not to have; that is the ultimate question. On the other hand, it may just seem that way when you are planning your wedding and inundated with bridal magazines galore. Those cute beribboned boxes are advertised heavily there, sucking you in, making you think your wedding is not complete without personalized cookies. Martha Stewart, a wedding genius in many respects, has cornered the favor idea market. Maybe your friends are also in the throes of planning their weddings and the emphasis on favors is strong. It’s true in some areas of the U.S. (like New Jersey) favors, be it a tiny box of chocolate or a bookmark, seem quite important. Personally, I don’t think they are. I think that while they can be quite personal, in the end no one really cares about the favors but you. If you are crafty and have the time, go for it. If you have the extra budget and want to shower your guests with tiny votives or monogrammed matchbooks, fine. Have at it! However, having or not having favors does not make or break a wedding. Don’t be pressured by heavy-duty marketing or a relative into thinking it will. Bad food ruins a wedding. Sloppy drunk groomsmen can tackle that no problem. Bud vases or picture frames to take home do not.

I’d like to get the ultimate DIY girl herself to weigh in on this issue so Stephanie please take the floor and favor us (I couldn’t resist) with your opinion.

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