Thursday, February 1, 2007

Thank-you Notes

You’re back from your honeymoon, or you’ve recovered from those bridal shower mimosas, and you have one very important task to take care of right away: thank-you notes. They must be sent as soon as possible, and they must be hand-written, and they must be nice.

Think of it in one of two ways:
1) Someone went through the trouble of finding the perfect gift for you and wrote a heart-felt congratulatory note to go along with it. You owe them an equally heart-felt thank-you.
2) Someone once sent you a carbon-copy “Thank you for your gift” note and it made you feel unappreciated, so you must now kill them with kindness.

Much has been written on proper thank-you note guidelines. One article I particularly like is this one by Leslie Harpold: How to Write a Thank-You Note.

I would only add that for weddings, since the gift is for the couple, the note should be from the couple. Ideally, “Mike and I want to thank you … Love, Stephanie,” since only one of you is physically writing the note. And feel free to put some of the responsibility on your husband. Notes to his friends and family that you may not know well can certainly come from him. (Remind him that he’s going to be using the gifts, too, so it’s only fair for him to share some of the hand cramps.)


Vicky said...

I couldn't agree more. When it was time to dole out the lot of notes we had to write, the friends and family of H went to him. Proper timing and a personal note is key!

slythwolf said...

In our case, I'm forbidding FH to write any of the thank you notes. His handwriting is atrocious; he himself can barely read it. I think it's cute. :D