Monday, February 26, 2007

Meet One of Our Featured Brides- Ashley!

Flaming Tulle has picked two brides to feature on our site. Congratulations Ashley and resident Flaming Tulle writer, Stephanie for landing the two spots! We'll be following both these brides on their wedding planning adventure. Hear about their tales navigating through reception halls, traverse high and low for their dress, and taste copious amounts of canapes.

Meet Ashley, pictured here with her fiance Brad.

Vicky: So Ashley when's the big day? When did Brad propose?
Ashley: The wedding is April 5, 2008. Brad proposed on New Years Day 2007. He said when he proposed that he wanted to start the year off right.

V: Have you figured anything out like a color scheme yet?
A: Yes, the color scheme is deep blue (midnight or deep navy) and silver with slight accents of pearl. Brad was so excited when I told him, he said “Cowboy colors” (his favorite football team) – didn’t even dawn on me when I chose those colors. Now he says all his guy friends will think I’m the best for picking his team colors. HONEST I didn’t pick his team colors!

V: That's brave of you to admit that. Have you found a wedding site or a dress yet? It's a ways away I know.
A: Well, I have the date and the church all set, some of the church requirements. I’m Catholic and you have to do certain things by a certain time to be married in the Catholic Church. My parents and I are looking at reception sites. I have found one I really like, but still need to look at about four more before we make the decision.

I have an appointment on the 27th of this month at David’s Bridal for my first look-see of dresses. We have begun thinking up the guest list and we have our wedding party picked out. When looking at dresses for me, I’m taking my sister Heather (Matron of Honor) to go dress shopping for bridesmaids dresses also.

I have my tiara and my unity candle, but not the pillars yet. I have lots of ideas in my mind but my big focus right now is the reception site and starting to think about a dress and the dreaded gym to lose more weight.

V: It looks like you are off to a good start though. Tell me, how did you and Brad meet? How long have you been together?
A: We have been dating for just over three years now.

We met at a bar! That’s only half-true, a mutual friend of ours was getting married and he and his fiancĂ© decided to skip the typical Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties and just have a combined gathering at Clyde’s in Reston, for food and drinks. I was sitting at the bar listening talking with the soon to be groom and he turned to talk with a coworker, well more like gossip. Well since I’m such a smarty-pants, I started making comments like “No she didn’t!”, “Well what did he do after that?” “Can you believe that he said that?” and next think I know this guy sitting across from me starts playing along. Next, thing I know we are just talking and low and behold, it was Brad. Believe it or not, he almost didn’t go to that party and I was ready to leave long before I even met him. We spent a while talking and he walked myself, sister and brother-in-law (who was a groomsman and who was slightly intoxicated) to our car (and made sure my brother-in-law got back into the restaurant in one piece) and we went our separate ways. We met again at the wedding and talked a little bit more that night. I called him after getting his phone number. That was about two weeks later I think and he called me back two days later and we talked for hours and had our first date about two weeks after that.

V: Thanks Ashley! We'll be hearing more about how her dress search went shortly. Stay tuned for more from this featured bride!

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