Thursday, February 8, 2007

The Bride Diet

Don’t crash diet to lose weight a few weeks before the wedding! For one, your dress won’t fit and the seamstress who had your dress fitting just perfectly is going to be very annoyed with you. No matter how large or small you are a dress that fits well is going to look so much nicer than a dress that does not fit.

Also, it’s not healthy. Why would you want to put yourself through all that just for one day of so-called thinness?

No crash diet is healthy, no matter what your reasons are for embarking on it. It takes months of integrating healthy habits into your lifestyle. A good diet has more benefits than just weight loss, too. Good nutrition improves the quality of your hair and skin. You’ll have more energy. You’ll decrease your risk for health problems later in life.

Although, a healthy overhaul in your habits troubles me if it’s being done only for the wedding. Really, it should be a lifestyle change that will benefit you for many years to come, and you can use the wedding as a motivation point to get started.

And get your partner involved, too. If you get all fit and buff, do you want a slob standing next to you at the altar? It’s not just your life that’s being impacted; you want a long and happy life for the two of you, right?

I’m not a nutritional expert, and I’m not perfect. I have a 20-pound cat sitting on one side of me as I type, and a huge bag of M&Ms sitting on the other side of me. You can look all over the internet for advice and tips. Here’s what works for me, based on my personal experience and goals of overall fitness:
Weight training for my arms
Crunches for my abs (also, laying down with a 20-pound cat on your stomach is a great abs workout)
Drinking lots of water and herbal tea
Eating soy (Deep-fried and drowned in green curry is still good for me, right?)
Eating lots of fruits and vegetables (including—bleck—broccoli)

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