Friday, February 16, 2007

A serious matter

Never teh Bride posted about this recently at Manolo for the Brides. It's important and it bears repeating. It's the not-so-fun part of marriage planning that you just have to do. Wills. Life Insurance. Final Wishes. If your spouse or future spouse is in the military or another job that has him traveling to dangerous places then hopefully you've already discussed this. But it's someting everyone should do. You just never know. Yes, your husband could be in Baghdad, but you could get hit by a car tomorrow. Not to sound morbid, but thousands of married people are widowed with no idea how to handle things, and possibly with no money.

I can't really say it better than Never teh Bride, so please go read her post. It all makes sense. Some of the comments bring up Terri Schiavo and Anna Nicole Smith. While it's not likely your family situation will make headlines, think about how painful it is for the families to not know what to do. You don't want your loved ones to leave you like that, nor do you want to leave them with that. It's about being prepared.

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