Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Finding Your Glass Slipper

These days shoes are a really important piece of your wedding day ensemble. The arrival of the Sex in the City girls and their love of shoes skyrocketed the idea of an ‘it’ shoe to many women. Myself? I love them. I think they are cute, but I loathe shopping for them. I always end up airing on the side of practicality. Boring I know, but I have huge feet and I think shoes are overpriced. So sue me.

There is a lot to be said for finding a good shoe for your wedding day. Chances are your fiancĂ©’s shoes will be rented or his ones he already owns. Yours however need to meet some all-important criteria. Really, ladies, do you want to spend a whole day wincing in pain just because a shoe was adorable on the shelf? Here is a rundown of what you need to know. Listen up! Print it out, clip it into your wedding planner or what have you, and get thee to a shoe store or bridal department. If you are lazy like I was though, just order them online and figure it all out in the comfort of your home.

First and foremost, comfort is essential. Remember this when you find those sparkly wonders that have lots of flesh-squeezing straps. You’re going to be standing posing for photos all day in these babies and having to smile beatifically for prosperity. The shoes should not be something you would never normally wear. If you like and can handle super high heels then go for it. If not, your wedding day is not the day to try those bad boys out. Stick to what you know. Some brides wear sneakers under their dresses. Some choose a basic low-heeled pump or ballet flats. Once you find a shoe that, you like the look of and one that fits you comfortably, test it out on the second step. Key note here too- shop at the end of the day as your feet have swelled. You’ll get the best fit.

The second step in finding your wedding day shoes. They should compliment or match the style and color of your dress. You will need to bring your shoes with you to all your dress fittings. The height of the heel will impact the fall and length of your dress. The fabric on the shoe is important too. Often bridal shoes come in silk or satin. These easily stain or can tear so once you own them keep them in safe, clean place until your wedding day. If you aren’t wearing a white or cream-colored dress then just find a shoe that matches the color you are wearing. It’s your day; show your style regardless of the color dress you are wearing! Get funky and down with your bad self in the shoe department. Find a shoe that screams YOU!

So now, the shoes are bought and paid for. You have brought them home and tried them on for your friends, your dog, and maybe the UPS man. There’s one more thing you need to do before you store them away in their safe, clean space. Scuff the hell out of those soles. That’s right; take them out for a spin on some asphalt. I walked around my driveway and sidewalk on a sunny, dry day. I avoided anything that looked damp and icky on the ground, but I twisted my feet and sashayed up and down the path until I had scuffed the soles well and good. There would be no slipping for me on my big day.

That’s it really. It just takes some forethought and not buying just any shoe that a designer says you must have or a bridal magazine throws at you. It’s again all about taking care of you and remembering what you need.

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