Thursday, February 1, 2007


We are two friends who love weddings. Planning a wedding is a fantastic party puzzle. The dreams. The budget. The guest list. The flowers. They all have to come together in one beautiful moment. But it's also a lot of work and there will be high points and low points. And it may begin to consume your life. We don't want that to happen to anyone. It's possible to keep your sanity and your identity while planning the wedding of your--and your partner's--dreams.

I'm currently planning my own wedding (for June 25, 2007), and it's all Vicky's fault. She invited me to her wedding several years ago, where upon meeting her husband for the first time he told me "I found someone for you." That someone is the man I'm currently married to and will be wedding-ing in June. (Yes, we're married. We are now planning the big wedding we want.)

We will share personal experiences from our own weddings and those of others. We love etiquette and manners. Vicky knows all about skincare, makeup, hair care, all those personal beauty issues that mystify tomboys like me. I'm a DIY (do-it-yourself) bride with crafty tips. Together we feel we have a lot to say on the subject of weddings.

Vicky and I welcome feedback. Email us with your stories, subject ideas, or questions. There is a delicious voyeurism in wedding blogging. You know, or else you wouldn't be here either.

Welcome to yet another wedding blog. We hope you'll find this one different, funny, informative, or at least entertaining enough to forward on to some friends.

And to prove that we are not wedding obsessed, please visit our personal blogs:
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Congratulations on your marriage! And thank you for stopping by.

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