Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Who Would Have Thunk It

Not me that is for sure! Imagine my surprise when I found this interesting tidbit in Newsweeks, The List, this week. Wedding Insurance. I'm not talking about what if it rains on my wedding day type thing or an errant groomsman falls through the cake. Oh no honey this is for serious stuff! Like military deployments or emergency surgeries on the bride and groom. Seriously. For as little as $160 smackers you too can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your wedding day is insured.

Part of me thinks this is smarmy and reeks of greedy insurance whores, but the other part remembers the all-consuming panic I felt when my husband almost didn't make our wedding because of military "issues". I remember all to well screaming into the phone about how I was not going to lose all those deposits and have all those people travel to our destination wedding that wasn't. Nope. Not me. I would bill the USMC if that was going to happen. I know it's laughable but I don't like to joke around about my money. Or lack of really.

So, if you are a control freak like me you might want to check it out. If not, it might be good for a laugh. Or as M.S. might say, "It's a good thing".

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