Thursday, June 14, 2007

Trash Your Dress

My first reaction was the conventional wisdom horrified one. But by the time I finished reading the brief article Is This Any Way to Treat a Vera Wang I was thinking "Why not?" It seems like a perfectly fine thing to do. Sort of like a deconstruction photo-art project.

We kill ouselves trying to find the perfect dress and the perfect fit and ignore that not-so-perfect absurdly high price tag (in many cases, not everyone obviously). Then we wear the dress for one day. For the rest of the dress's life it sits in a box in a closet. Maybe it gets pulled out a couple times to show children and grandchildren. But just because that's what women have been doing for generations doesn't mean that's what we have to do now. Part of me thinks I'd rather have some beautiful photographs than lug one more box around for the rest of my life.

I don't want to completely ruin my dress (and my mom breathes a sigh of relief, I'm sure). But I wouldn't be adverse to a pose that might get the dress dirty. Like, we're having some pictures taken at a redwood grove in the park where the wedding is. The forest floor is covered with this beautiful soft green leafy groundcover. It would be neat to have pictures of my laying down with the leaves covering me. (Of course we'd probably have to go back another day to get those done. I wouldn't want to dirty the dress before the wedding, and it will be dark outside once it's over.)

Check out the Trash the Dress gallery for more pics. (The top pic is from there.)

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Abby said...

I totally agree! I posted about "trash the dress" a few months ago b/c I thought it was so cool... I was so disappointed when I saw other blogs just railing it! I don't get it... I think those photos are amazing. I'm glad somebody else likes them too!