Thursday, June 14, 2007

11 Days

Today, for the first time, I noticed that it looks like a wedding is invading the house. The spare room has a huge pile of boxes containing guest books, Polaroid cameras and film, paper plates and napkins, bags of ribbon, and cases of beer and wine. In one corner of the living room cases of soda are stacked up. The dining room table is covered with the fabric for making the rest of the napkins and various bags and boxes that we're saving for transporting some of this stuff to the venue. Tucked into the bookcase is a shoebox full of favors. Eight dried flower centerpieces are stowed on every high shelf (as the cats look up at them longingly).

Yesterday I hit Target and The Container Store. I got some makeup, binder clips (for the out of town guest info packets), and a garment bag for my dress. I also skulked around town pilfering 20 of the free Walnut Creek Magazines from various establishments so I can mark our house on the map in the back and include them with the info packets.

My work at home was somewhat sporadic. I cleaned out enough room in the closet for my giant dress-filled garment bag. I ironed and folded some more napkins. I worked on guest info packets.

Also yesterday my Arbonne makeup arrived from Vicky! My arsenal is complete now.

Today I need to go to Michaels to buy more ribbon.

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