Saturday, June 16, 2007

9 Days

Not much happened yesterday in regards to the to-do list. All I did was get my hair trimmed and write names on the out-of-town guest bags. Despite hardly getting any sleep last night (was it the heat? the drunken midnight phone call from our friend who's also the officiant? the cats? PMS? hallucinagenic cheese enchiladas? I don't know. I just know I didn't sleep at all.), I've gotten a lot accomplished today.

I colored my hair as soon as the first cup of coffee kicked in.

With the help of one of my trusty assistants I finished the last 10 favors:

While I was finishing the placecards that same trusty assistant sat on the black ink pad. I managed to save them all, but Grendel will have to live with a stained butt for a while. So, yeah, placecards are finished and Mike made the table numbers today. Everyone will have a place to sit! (They won't all have napkins yet. Still working on those.)

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