Thursday, June 21, 2007

4 Days

Yesterday was a busy one. Tuesday night I worked on napkins and just couldn't finish them, but did so as soon as I woke up yesterday morning. Napkins are all done.

I dropped off some guest bags at the hotel. It has a small office and the manager asked that I bring them by a day or two at a time. No problem really, since it's close to my house and my parents are there so I have other reasons to stop by.

I went to Whole Foods. We want to have lots of fruits and vegetables on hand for snacking since we'll be eating dinner at restaurants a lot over the next few days. We want to stay healthy.

I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned the apartment.

Then my parents showed up for dinner, and the wedding festivities have officially begun!

Today's big event: Dress fitting with my mom! (She needs to hem it.)

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