Friday, June 29, 2007

Recap--Getting Ready

I think I'm finally ready to talk about it a little. We still don't have a lot of pictures to share. This is a photo of one of the centerpieces that I sent to the caterer a couple months ago to give her an idea of the "feel" of the event. (Clicking on the pic will take you to a larger image on our flickr page.)
Everyone says the day was a whirlwind, don't they? I didn't really feel that way until the event was actually starting. We both woke up early to put the finishing touches on our vows. Then we showered, had cereal, regular low-key morning things. At noon I picked up my mom at the hotel, then we made the very last trip to Target before picking up the cake. Back home with the cake, we found we had absolutely no room in the refrigerator for it, so we cranked the AC to about 50 degrees and left the cake on the kitchen counter. Still nothing to worry about yet.

My mom steamed our clothes, then went back to the hotel to get herself ready. My MOH arrived to help me with hair and makeup, and my aunt, uncle, and cousin arrived to let us load some stuff into their car. My uncle filmed the wedding for us and he got the whole hair and makeup part. I made sure to wear a button-front shirt during hair and makeup so it was easy to change into the dress later without ruining everything by lifting a shirt over my head.

Finally, all that was left to do was finish loading up the car and drive over to the Brazilian Room. That's when I started feeling nauseaus. Despite checking everything in our car, everything in my aunt and uncle's car, and everything in the two cars of friends, who were all arriving early with us, I had a nagging feeling something was forgotten. And that's a common feeling for me, because we usually do forget something whenever we leave the house for something important.

We arrived at the Brazilian Room right on schedule. Some friends were already there. They had brought the stereo equipment and the bar drinks and were getting all that stuff set up. We unloaded our car and I put out the centerpieces and Mike put out the napkins and favors. (I had a specific way I wanted them, even though it appeared random, so the caterer let me do that instead of her workers. They had plenty to do, though.)

Then it was time to give up my control and let the professional party people and the friends and family members who arrived early to help us to do their work. And time for me to put my dress on! A bunch of people (my mom, my young cousin, my uncle filming, the photographer) followed me into the dressing room, but I really had to use the bathroom that was connected to it, so I asked the entourage to back off and please give me a minute alone. As I was in the bathroom I heard Mike's voice in the hall: "I forgot my shirt!"

Is it time to worry yet?

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