Sunday, June 24, 2007


In a few minutes we'll be heading out to farmers' market to buy flowers for tomorrow and snacks for this afternoon's open house at our place.

Yesterday had Mike and me escaping the family to spend a few minute alone... shopping at Macy's for a wrap for me, then meeting up with our officiant friend for coffee and pants-renting. He unpacked his tux and the pants are missing. So we found a place that rents tuxes, but they need a week in advance. Luckily someone had just returned a tux in his size, and the woman in charge of rentals let him just take the pants, with nothing more than a promise to return them on Tuesday. We then went to Mike's cousin's house to pick up the wedding wine and on to the airport to pick up my grandmother.

Last night was girls' night out. We were all a little tired, so a low-key evening of drinking wine and eating chocolatey desserts was just perfect.

Time to go buy my flowers!

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