Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Countdown to the Wedding -- 12 days

It's the Final Countdown! (Only click that link if you want to hear the song... Do you think we could walk down the aisle to that?) Parents start arriving one week from today and the wedding is in 11 days. And we have a lot to do.

My dress arrived on Monday, so that was one major stress-maker I could cross off my list. Now it's lots of little, needling details that are requiring multiple trips to Target and Michaels. (Do we have enough plastic cups? Do we have enough ribbon for the centerpieces? etc.)

Over the next week we have to make 10 more favors and finish folding napkins (actually, I have to sew a handful of those napkins before they can be folded). We did a favor-making marathon over the weekend while watching Four Weddings and a Funeral (Mike finds that film mildly amusing!), but I miscounted so we are still short by 10. Then I decided I didn't like the way some of the napkins were folded so I'm in the process of re-ironing and refolding them.

We also have to clean the house. Because we're having people over for a party. Plus we live close to the hotel where everyone's staying so we expect some pop-ins.

Things to do by Friday:
Finish sewing those napkins and get at least half of them folded.
Make those last 10 favors.
Get my hair trimmed and colored.

Things to do over the weekend:
Write the vows
Finalize music playlists

To do Monday through Wednesday:
Do final counts of everything and take care of those last trips to Target. We want to try and relax with our friends and family members once they get here. (Right.)

Maybe sneak in a day of sight-seeing with parents?

Rehearsal dinner with our parents and brothers

Girls night out!
I don't think Mike has anything planned yet.

Open House at our place

The Wedding!

I'm going to strive for daily updates here, even the minutea, in hopes that others will learn they shouldn't wait until the last minute for so much stuff, like we have.

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