Thursday, August 2, 2007

Thank-you Notes 2

I reread my post on thank-you notes, and now I'm here to admit that my thank-you note writing has not gone according to plan. "As soon as possible" has turned out to be not as soon as I prefer because I decided on the wacky idea to get note cards printed from one of our wedding pictures and we're still waiting for the jpgs to arrive from the photographer (should be here today or tomorrow). Now I'm afraid that by the time the cards are printed we'll already be on our honeymoon. So it could possibly be September 1st by the time thank-you cards go out for a June 25th wedding and I feel awful about it. But I really, really wanted these personal cards. If I write and mail them from Europe, does that make them more special?

I'm ready to hit the ground running as soon as the note cards are in my hands, with my lists of which guests came and who brought or sent which gifts. Only the image will be printed. Each message will be hand-written by me. Pre-printed messages are still an enormous offense, and one that's especially egregious after so much time has passed.

Who knew wedding stuff would flow over into other parts of my life for so long after the actual wedding?

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Blond Bride said...

I feel your pain... I had an April 28 wedding, and also decided to use a photo from the wedding as my thank you. Would have been fine, but after I got the files from the photographer, our printer messed up the custom notecards, leading to a long delay due to returning them, etc. My cards should go out this week (assuming they printed right this time) - I'm going to work on them nonstop til they're done, but I too feel awful about the delay!