Thursday, August 9, 2007

Winter Wedding Dress

Erin at A Dress A Day recently posted about this dress, Vogue 2979, and I have to agree with her on every point.

A shivering bride wearing a strapless, sleeveless summer dress in outdoor winter photographs is not attractive. You're not showing your most glamourous side. And some of those old churches get drafty too. Do you want to shiver your way through the vows?

And with covered arms not only do you not have to worry about tricep dips for the next 6 months, you don't have to worry about summer tanlines from bathing suits and tank tops! (Althought the short-sleeved version is pretty cute, too. You may not want to give up on the tricep dips entirely.)


Nicole Kraft said...

i love this dress! it's very elegant and i agree--why not be comfortable at your own wedding??

Never teh Bride said...

I'm not usually a fan of sleeved dresses in general, but this I like!