Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Groom's Cake

The Groom's Cake, long a Southern tradition, didn't start out as a cake simply depicting the groom's interest. Did you know that long ago according to folklore it was a fruitcake sliced and boxed up at the end of a wedding and given to the single women to take home. Once home they could put it under their pillow and dream of the man who would be their future spouse.

Today, the Groom's Cake is no longer just a Southern tradition. Brides all over are embracing this idea and using it as a gift, surprise, or a way to illustrate the groom's interest and personality during the wedding or rehearsal dinner. While chocolate cake is still the most popular flavor, red velvet comes in a close second. Sports teams, college mascots, and all manner of interests are created and represented on these cakes. It can also be a great way for the couple to combine something they both love and have it depicted on the cake. Wedding guests will enjoy taking a peek at this representation of the groom in a day that is typically all about the bride.

Whether you serve it at the rehearsal dinner or during the wedding doesn't matter, it's your choice. The only rules that apply are these. If the Groom's cake is served at the rehearsal dinner it should be a flavor that is the groom's favorite. If the cake is served at the wedding it should be one that offsets the wedding cake. Something rich and chocolatey or seasonal and decadent.

Look over some of these fabulous sites for ideas and pictures. Makes me want to go out and just buy a cake all for myself!

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