Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bridesmaid Cards

When it comes to weddings you can find everything these days. It is unreal the stuff that Steph and I come up with. Every once in a while though you find something that is a true gem. A touch of class and elegance that can be hard to find in a tulle-candysashed-wedding bells world.

The 'Be my Bridesmaid' cards ($3) from the designer at olio style strike just that cord. They are simply beautiful in an old world way and it's really a touching idea that can turn into a keepsake. I wrote my bridesmaids letters asking them to do me the honor as well as highlighting all the reasons they were so special to me. I think it's a wonderful thing to do for a friend, especially one who might be wearing a dress she loathes or can barely afford. That's a true friend!

olio style specializes in custom designed stationary and will work with you to create that perfect touch you are looking for. Check them out today they do a bit of everything including invitations!

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