Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Disney Weddings

I've still got those creepy Precious Moments "wedding essentials" on my mind and it's led me to think about the youngness of people who get married. And that led to other kids' stuff mixing with wedding stuff. Now I'm under the impression that if you insist on having your wedding or honeymoon at Disney World, then you might be too young to be married. Think about it. Disney is for kids. They say it's for families and that's why the have some rides for the grown-ups, but really, it's about branding children from a young age so they'll be able to take your money for a lifetime.

If you love Disney that much, then you'll most likely have kids that you can take to Disneyland or Disney World some day. So don't you want to take one grown-up vacation while you have the opportunity? On one forum I read the post of a bride who was looking into either a cruise or a Disney World honeymoon. Someone suggested as a compromise going to Disneyland instead for a couple days then cruising from Los Angeles to Mexico. She responded that wasn't an option because they live in Anaheim so go to Disneyland all the time and want to do something different for their honeymoon. What? If you really want to do something different, go to Hawaii, go to Europe, go to the Florida Keys... Don't go to Disney World!

I know it's your wedding so of course you have to do your own thing. But if children's cartoon characters are the central theme of your wedding, and your last name isn't Disney... all I'm saying is that Disney is for kids and marriage is for grown-ups.


Anonymous said...

Apparently you have never been to Disney World. Because if you had, you would know that there are plenty of things to do in Disney that are adult oriented, and some that are adult-only. Disney has some of the finest restaurants, such a variety that you could always find what you want there. They have Spas, offering everything from massages, to manicures, to new hair styles. They have Pleasure Island... yes it might seem a little young, however I have seen many older (50+) people around there. The majority of attractions are designed to be enjoyed by all, not just children.

A wedding in Disney does not have to be all about the characters, even if you decide to get characters to show up, they only stay for 30min to an hour. The majority of Disney wedding are not even in a park, they are at Disney Hotels. To get married in the Magic Kingdom is extremely expensive, especially when you have to have the ceremony at 8am, however, to get married in World's Showcase in EPCOT it is much more reasonable.

I am going to be having my wedding in Disney World. I have been going there for 20years, and have even worked there.

The only way a person would think that Disney World is only for children, is if they have not been there, or have not returned since they were children.

Stephanie said...

Actually, I have been to both Disney World and Disneyland as an adult and I think they are incredibly tacky and headache-inducing.

Vicky said...

This is all quite true, in fact, Newsweek just had an article about Disneyland's new restaurant, Napa Rose. This restaurant contains one of the 158 sommeliers in the world and will be known for it's fine dining and impeccable wine selection.

Both Disney World and land have come a long way in the last two decades in creating a place for adults as well. However, I think what it really boils down to for us here at Flaming Tulle is that Disney to us smacks of corporate consumerism on such a grand scale and albeit smart marketing strategies but it reeks of a ridiculously greed that we just can't get behind. So while it may be for adults and very expensive it doesn't make it a place we love or would want to celebrate our love. That's just our opinion.