Thursday, August 9, 2007

Brides Decide

Of course they do! Who else but a bride is right? Ok, they may be right about their own weddings, but politics? This fun site brought to you by the all things wedding all the time people at the knot and the Wedding Channel now bring you in floral red, white and blue ribboned glory, BridesDecide.

I myself am a lover of politics and I think I can safely say so is Stephanie. I think this site is amusing (check out wedding albums from the candidates) and informative. Somewhat. What I think I really like the most? The fact that all the candidates are lined up in a nice, neat row. You can click on their pictures and get a nice overview of their stances on the main issues and a bit of background. The fact that you can see pictures of Mike Huckabee's wedding day, complete with a powder blue tuxedo just makes it more fun. Their engagement stories are cute, it rained on Gravel's outdoor wedding, and Hillary talks about flirting with Bill at the Yale library, makes them all seem yes, a bit more approachable.

I could go on and on about the sheer politics of this site, but I do think it's fun and worth checking out.

*Photo courtesy of bridesdecide and The Huckabee family.

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Stephanie said...

If I were voting for president based on weddings, I'd probably go with Dennis Kucinich. I like his lightning-bolt, love-at-first-sight story.