Friday, August 3, 2007


Hi there Stephanie and Vicky,

I have a wedding question for you. I'm attending a wedding at the end
of the month. Each of the three dresses that I love (I've looked, not
purchased yet) are chocolate. The wedding colors include chocolate.
Is it bad form to wear one of the wedding colors?


It's Vicky here. I'll be answering the question and then Stephanie will add her opinion as well.


My first thought is -what time of day is the wedding? Is it indoors or outside? Darker colors, like a chocolate brown, tend to be more formal. What type of fabric are these dresses that you are looking at? These things need to be considered and may help you make a better decision. It is not bad form to wear the colors of the wedding because one cannot possibly gauge what those colors will be. It's only bad form if you show up in white, in sequins to a daytime wedding, or wearing the actual bridesmaid dress when you are in fact, ahem... not a bridesmaid.

Hope this helps!

Steph - You are up!

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