Monday, September 3, 2007

Honeymoon's Over

Literally. We got home on Thursday night, exhausted and with minor colds. We've spent the weekend going over the photos and regaling everyone we talk to with tales of our trip. (In between all the naps.)
Here we are in Salzburg:
Our full album is here.

We ate too much cheese and sausage and drank a little too much beer and wine. We actually managed to lose a few pounds due to all the walking. We spent some long nights in bad sleeping quarters, but some romantic nights on nice walks and in good restaurants.

In Poland, we saw several countryside weddings happening on a Saturday as we were walking and bussing around. In Zakopane, at a historic old church near my cousin's guesthouse, we happened upon one of these weddings. When you have your wedding at a public historic landmark I guess you have to expect a few tourists to drop in. We of course did not go inside the church, but many people outside were milling around in their traditional highland clothes. Weddings are an event for the whole town here. My cousins told us of their neighbor's daughter's wedding, a 3-day event. The church ceremony was one day. The next was a party for the family. Then a party for the whole neighborhood. Now, that's a way to celebrate!
Wedding at the old wooden church in Zakopane.

In Krakow, we saw some hilarious examples of a photographer's wedding photos. A couple photoshopped to be standing in a gigantic champagne glass.

In Edinburgh, custom-made kilt suits seem to fuel the bridal industry craziness. I also saw some gorgeous Caroline Castiglione wedding gowns there when we came across her showroom on one of the few uncrowded streets.

Back to reality now. One more day of lounging around the house before returning to work tomorrow. Summer's over, and the fall wedding season is upon us!

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Travel Betty said...

Wow, that's a gorgeous location for a wedding. And I love that tourists can just amble on in.