Monday, March 19, 2007

Bridal Stress

I confess that I'm trying my best to take my own advice and relax about wedding planning, but at a little over three months out, bridal stress is starting to get to me. I didn't expect it, since we're already married. But I guess planning any large party can be stressful at some point, especially one where Mike and I will be the center of attention. And we're really planning a whole weekend for out-of-town guests where we will be the center of attention for a good portion of the time.

Allow my self-indulgent "to-do" list here. This is what happens when a real bride ignores The Knot Checklist and other bridal industry traps.

To Do:
*My dress is not finished yet. But Mike bought his tux this weekend.

*Decide on shoes, hair, makeup, jewelry. Don't want to finalize those things until the dress is ready.

*Decide on a cake baker. We're still talking and tasting w/ some bakers.

*Finalize the menu. Plan to do that tonight.

*Sign a contract with a photographer. Plan to do that within the next week.

*Insurance forms for venue. Due May 25, but plan to send in by the end of March.

*Make 9 centerpieces and 100-ish boutonnaire favors. Ordered dried flowers for those yesterday. Need to decide on ribbon colors.

*Write out invitations and print informational insert. Address envelopes. About 60 invitations need to be assembled over the next month.

*We both need new passports for our honeymoon, so need to get started on those soon. Oh, and we need to actually plan the honeymoon.

*Talk to friends and family members who will be our helpers, setting up the venue. Figure out timeline for the day-of and everyone's specific assignments.

*Make song playlists.

*Assemble gift packages for guests at our hotel, including an itinerary of weekend events. Which we still have to finalize.

*Buy napkins and fold all of them with stupid Martha Stewart twine knot napkin rings. (I only say "stupid" now because I'm beginning to think I'm doing too much myself. But that's only because I'm not using Mike to his full crafty potential yet. I'm not giving up.)

*Decide on placecards and make them.

*Decide on wine and beer selections.

Phew. I know it can all get done. Seems like a lot. Also seems like I'm forgetting something.

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