Thursday, March 29, 2007


I belong to some online wedding communities, some more traditional and conservative, some anti- and indie-bride oriented. One question posed lately in one of the more conservative communities was How do you feel about package deals? I read on, curious to read about venues that offer inclusive reception packages, or resorts that have all-in-one vacation packages. Apparently a package deal is when the couple is all or nothing, like if one partner is invited to do something with friends, the other automatically goes along, or neither of them do. Was I naive in not seeing that coming?

Follow-up questions were along the lines of What if you have a friend who hates your SO (significant other) or What if your friend has an SO you hate? Do you stop hanging out with those friends?

I was horrified. This concept totally reeks of someone losing his or her identity, and one partner controlling the life of the other. Also, life is too short to worry about such pettiness. This is adult married life. Not high school. Get over yourself and get over the so-called haters.

I felt my comments would be inappropriate and not appreciated, when seeing some of the other responses in that community (because a lot of young women apparently do see them and their husbands as package deals!), so I'm putting them here.

Now back to your regularly scheduled wedding bliss.

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