Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Beautiful, Sensational You Dahling!

Ssh. Zip it! I’m going to talk about make-up and your wedding day and I don’t want to hear this- “I don’t really wear make-up!” Well, on this day you should. Your pictures will thank you. You will thank me later when you don’t have a shiny face in your photos. There is such a thing, as wearing make up to enhance and it not looking like you globbed on some orange paste on your face. Most of you ladies know this, but I had to say it.

Ever the planner I have to say that if you are one of those gals who doesn’t wear make up or much of it you still need to figure out what you will do with your pretty little face before the actual day. Why? Well, mainly because wedding’s can be chaotic. Problems and snafus will arise and everyone will be asking you what on earth they should do. You won’t have time to sit around and think about whether or not you need silver eye shadow or green. One great thing you can do is take a friend to a cosmetic counter in a department store and tell them what you have in mind. Tell them you want to go easy on your face. You don’t even have to purchase anything, but they can help you. I suggest Bobbi Brown or Stila, as they do tend to have a lighter hand in applying make up. Often they will map out what they used on a face sheet and let you take it with you. It’s a quick and easy road map of makeup.

You are going to want to practice applying the look you want for your day. This applies to those of you hiring a make up artist as well. You should be having a consult or two before the wedding with the artist. This eliminates any surprises, tears, and I hate you and I’m not paying you moments. These practice sessions will help you become familiar with the products and gain confidence in doing it yourself as well. Minimal make up is good. You only want to enhance what you already possess. Blending is the key! Don’t forget your nails either. They should be neutral in color and filed to eliminate rough spots. Your hands will look great in photos now too.

Even if you don’t usually wear make-up, wearing it on your wedding day is a good idea. It will take out any redness or shine from your photos leaving you looking fresher and more put together and complete. Just a hint of gloss, blush and loose powder and you are golden.

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