Tuesday, March 13, 2007

El Cheapo Bridesmaid Attire

Every bride who has chosen her bridesmaids has uttered this sentence at one time or another, “You can wear it again.”, as if saying that justifies away the expense of a quite often hideous dress. If the dress isn’t down right ugly, then it probably just doesn’t suit your complexion or body. Am I right? I know I was guilty of saying it too. Granted my dresses were black and strapless and I really did believe it at the time. I even bought the dress myself and wore it on three separate occasions. Would my bridesmaids ever wear that satin dress again? Nope. They never did. I know they all rolled their eyes heavenward when I said those dreaded words too. I know because I’ve done it myself. All seven times, I’ve been a bridesmaid.

Fear not! There are ways of cutting the cost of bridesmaid dresses though. You could always offer to pay for them yourself. In some countries that is standard. Bridesmaids are asked the favor of being part of the couple’s day and know they will be taken care of. If that isn’t part of your culture or your wedding wallet, that is fine.

You could march into the bridal shop and actually ask for the cheapest dresses in the bridal store. I did that. I found these dresses to be very basic and they came in a lot of different colors. I narrowed it down to the three least expensive dresses and I chose the most basic and flattering color. At least I thought so at the time. You can also look online under cheap bridesmaid dresses, really. I’m serious. If these dresses are worn only once, who cares right? Your bridal party will be happier.

Some stores like Ann Taylor and J.Crew carry varying styles of dresses for evening or daytime weddings/social events. You can even find some online in Spiegel or Chadwick’s. Banana Republic also has great dresses that can be ordered at home and fitted at a later date. Department stores near you can also be a big hit. Their off the rack styles go on sale quickly and often. Take a few of your girls out one day and just look. You never know what you will find.

If you are dead set on everyone look really well, bridesmaidy and in the same color, fabric, and style ensemble try a website like CyberNetPlaza. CyberNetPlaza has a variety of bridesmaid dresses that are simple and come in a variety of colors. They certainly won’t break the bank at starting prices of $59.00. David’s Bridal is excellent at this as well. They can help a bride and her entourage find a set of dresses in sizes 2-18 that make you all happy in your wallet and your mind.

Sites to view:

David's Bridal
Banana Republic
JC Penney
Ann Taylor

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Lauren said...

I doubt my girls will ever wear their dresses again, but I wouldn't mind buying it off of one of them--we have a wedding to attend this summer that I could wear it to. (Actually, one of them is planning to wear it to a wedding in the summer, too.)

I tried to pick a color that's flattering to all of them, and I think I did. However, one doesn't think it looks good on her. She has the same skin tone as me, and it's great color for me! She's just not a pink person, I guess. (It's a shame she's skinny as a toothpick, or I could buy hers. Oh well.)

The best bride I was ever a 'maid for is my SIL. She said "Buy a long black dress, short sleeves or sleeveless." That was it. It worked out great (although now that i've watched What Not to Wear, I know I didn't pick something I should have, but that's another story).