Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Featured Bride Stephanie's Dress

Vicky: Ok Steph, let's talk dress! Are you willing to show a picture of it on the site at this point?

Stephanie: Yes! I've attached a pic of the pattern. Vogue 2118.
I'm getting the view on the right, simpler, w/out the

V: Oooh! I love it! So elegant and simple. Why do you love this particular dress style?

S: It's very simple, yet formal. It just spoke to me as
soon as I saw it.

V: How did you find the fabric? What is it like?

S: Some sewing friends recommended Thai Silks for high quality yet
low-priced silk. They have lots of swatch packages you
can order. I ordered their bridal swatches,
most-popular swatches, and brocade swatches to get an
idea of their selection. Holy cow! They sent me
hundreds of swatches! The pattern recommends satin, so
I went through all the satin swatches until I found a
color and texture I liked. I decided on a natural,
undyed silk-linen blend satin. I want the back pleat
lined, for a tiny bit of color, so I went through the
colored swatches and the brocades. Many of the
brocades are embroidered with insects, so they fit the
theme of the wedding. Eventually I narrowed down to
about 5 favorite insect brocades and finally just
chose one. Mike knows my final 5, but not the one I
ultimately chose.

V: I love the secrecy you have going on. It sounds like it's going to be beautiful! So tell me, why make the dress vs. buying one off a rack or from a bridal salon?

S: It never occurred to me to buy a dress. I just always
knew that either my mom or I would make my dress. And
it's a Vera Wang design for Vogue, so I get a designer
dress for a fraction of the cost.

V: When did you find it?

S: Several years ago, possibly even before Mike and I
met. I just bought it and put it away in my pattern
collection. The pattern is out-of-print now and no
longer for sale from Vogue. It's popular, though, and
shows up on ebay all the time.

V: How are fittings going? Your Mom is making the dress in
RI right? How is that working out?

S: My mom made a muslin, which is a practice dress out of
cheap cotton for fitting, about a year ago and I tried
it on while I was home in RI. She made some
adjustments then, but she's sewn many clothes for me
over the years and knows how to make things fit me
well. She's also a professional and can take someone's
measurements and make a nearly-perfect-fitting garment
before the person even tries it on. When she finishes
the dress she'll send it to me in CA. Any further
adjustments will be minor, like hemming once she sees
the shoes I have. She'll be here in plenty of time to
make those adjustments in my sewing room.

V: Wow! That is truly a wonderful wedding gift and memory. I can't wait to see it! Here's the pic!

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