Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Featured Bride Ashley's Further Wedding Adventures

Today we have more exciting news from one of our featured brides, Ashley. Last week she went on a little excursion with her sister, Heather, also the MOH, and her Mom. The search for the dress had begun. Here's what happened.

Vicky: So you went to David's Bridal to have a look around. How was the experience overall?

Ashley: The experience was just that, an experience! I would have liked to had more time to try on dresses but I’m a big believer that things happen for a reason.

The David’s customer service was ok. They were nice when we came in and had me fill out paperwork. Then I was told to go ahead and start looking around. I found about 10-12 dresses to try on. The lady who helped us came over and just started talking. She told me I was short on time for shopping for my dress, which to me was wrong, I’ve got over a year before the wedding. That’s plenty of time to find a dress and have alterations done. I was slightly annoyed when she went off to get a strapless bra for me to try on the dresses with (I was perfectly fine trying them on with my regular old bra) and then she wanted me to pick shoes out and everything. I just said whatever and started trying dresses on. She was helping another customer at the same time as I was and was hoping back and forth between us. This doesn’t bother me much because I’ll just start trying things on and zipping and such. Good thing I had helpers. I wouldn’t say the service was bad but it wasn’t the best. I could do a better job if I was the consultant. I would have been completely into the bride and asking her what did she want.

V: I had a similar experience there. I have to say though, trying on the right bra can really make a big difference. It's all overwhelming isn't it?

A: I was a bit overwhelmed and didn’t really know how to feel. I’m always a bit negative when trying on clothes because I don’t’ have a great figure. I pick at my figure flaws in everything I wear. That’s why when it something important I take my mom or sister (which I had both times). They won’t stear me wrong.

V: We ALL feel that way about ourselves! There's always something. Somehow though with a wedding dress we all end up feeling magical. At least that is what I think and have noticed. So did you find a dress? Tell, tell! Describe the whole thing!

A: I did find a dress! It is strapless (me in strapless – who would have thunk it – now gotta work on those arms). It is ivory with some cream accents. I guess it is considered princess style because of the shape. It has details and crystals and accents all over the top section, but not too much, with a basic bottom until you get to the very bottom where there is the same pattern as the top all on the bottom rim, even around to the train, which is a very nice length, not too long or short.

It was so weird. I tried on this one dress that was cool, but I felt like the “girls” were really too much out there, ok way too much out there. Then I tried on this dress with red and white. Too much WHITE and it was nice but nothing too fab. The next dress was one that I’ve been dying to see and try on and when I did try it on I was disappointed. The train and back was great but the rest was just too busy and didn’t feel right plus it scratched my arms. I had another dress to try on but wasn’t feeling it and the woman said to try 4 on this time and then more the next. I told Heather to take that one dress back and to pick that one she picked out for me to try. She came back with 2 and I picked the one I bought. I tried it on – it’s a size bigger than I wear but it fit reasonably well. I will only have to have small alterations done with some fixing of missing beads (in the back of the dress so its not a biggie) and when I walked out in it I felt regal. My mom gasped, very loudly, and almost started crying. Nancy (Ashley's friend and bridesmaid) was there too. She almost started to cry and Heather, my sister, was just beaming.

It was really weird. Mom said “well how do you feel” I said I liked it the best but didn’t know how I was supposed to feel. Mom was looking for it in the catalog and the lady said the dress is discontinued. When she said that my heart sunk. I was like “WHAT!!!! NO, I have to be able to see this dress again” (Well internally) and then I swayed and such in it – sucked in and imagined it with all the alterations. Mom said close your eyes and is this the dress. I said I don’t know but it could be. I’ve never seen my actual dress in my mind but this is the best from all tonight and I can’t stand the idea of never seeing this dress. I would be heart broken if this was the dress and I walked away and never saw it again. The store wouldn’t hold it for me. Mom grabbed an “accessory” which I tried and it was perfect. I could totally see myself in pictures with this dress. I wasn’t self-conscious about the arms or the body. I tried on 2 more dresses and nothing – I kept comparing them to this dress. I tried the dress on again and it fit and I wasn’t about to let the dress go. It was originally $600, but since it was discontinued and we were buying it that night it was $400 with the accessory. That part is a secret. The grand total, plus I had a $50 off coupon, was $460.

V: Wow! That is incredible! I don't even want to talk about what I spent. I think it is wonderful that you found your dress and your secret accessory for such a great price. It just goes to show that you don't have to go all boutiquey/couture to find what you love. Thanks again Ashley for letting us in on your planning. We love hearing it! Stay tuned for more with Ashley in the coming weeks!

*Note: David's Bridal will book an appointment for you to view and try on dresses or you can simply walk in. They also have a wide array of nicely priced shoes and bridal party wear.

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