Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The First Dance

When I got married six years ago the subject of the first dance was no longer just about the song. Gone were the days of shuffling around in a slow but repetitive circle as your guests painfully smiled on through some endlessly sappy song. Six years ago it was enough if the bride and groom went the extra mile and took some dance lessons. Then guests could watch a nervous couple take some tentative waltzing steps and then slowly gain speed and agility as the sappy song played out.

That even kept the crowd interested as long as the song wasn't something from the latest Disney film. These days it is a whole different ball game. Today, couples are choosing to surprise their guests with a choreographed show. Costumes are sometimes used as well as lights and often the slow waltzing song is quickly eliminated by some catchy beat or an old favorite that is sure to get the crowd going. When did this happen? I'm still not quite sure but the invention of You Tube has brought to light an increasing trend. The NEW and IMPROVED First Dance.

Here are a few of my favorites garnered from You Tube. I picked them for their originality or sheer fun factor. I might also point out that the whole Thriller thing as well as Dirty Dancing/No One Puts Baby in the Corner routine is now well-played out. So if you are looking to go this route then choose something that speaks to the crowd and you can really master.

I like this first one because even though it's slow you can tell the groom was totally behind this and it's his thing. Plus he got others involved which I think is a whole lot of fun for the rest of the crowd and creates a great memory for everyone.

This is my favorite by far. It's not hokey or typical even. The couple looks like they are really having a blast too. You can almost picture them cracking up at home as they practiced the whole scene.

Ok, so it is from Dirty Dancing, but it's done really well and I think that is truly what counts. It has the costumes, gets the crowd going, and incorporates others. If you are going to do something like this then practice, practice, practice and really wow the crowd. You are doing this for entertainment so by all means do so!


Travel Betty said...

These are AWESOME! I'm inspired. Even though we're not having a typical wedding, we will be having a reception with all of our friends. Just enough time to come up with choreography!

LadyAsh said...

Hum now that have given me some ideas!