Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Oh the lengths we will go...

The whole frosting and jewelery and frosted jewelry post by Stephanie got me thinking. What else can I find? What lengths do we brides go to for fantastic and sometimes less than fantabulous things for our wedding?

Check this out- Allergies be damned! Here are tissue packets That is a bit too much work for me.

OR how about this? Nothing says class like a shot glass!

Tiff at the wedding? This one is great! It's just the message you want to convey!

Sexy Love Nuts anyone? Click here.

Now really will any of these make or break your wedding? Will you achieve marital bliss just by having a snow globe wedding topper? In Precious Moments motif? No. No, you will not stand even a smidgen of a better chance than those who decide to forgo all this paraphernalia. While there is no guarantee communication is key.

Communication, understanding, patience, and some serious give and take. Marriage is the goal, not the wedding. Besides I'm not sure anyone at the wedding really wants to see your sexy love nuts.

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