Monday, September 10, 2007

Featured Bride Ashley- Dancing the Night Away!

We're back with Ashley, our featured bride, and she has new news!

Vicky: So you found a DJ- who is it?
Ashley: The DJ is James Morton with Jam Entertainment (based out of North Carolina).

V: What made you choose that one?

A: We went with this company for two reasons. Brad is friends with a gentleman who is a local DJ with this company and Brad wanted to go with him, it's the whole friend thing. Well, his friend was unable to do our wedding as he is a groomsman in another wedding that same day so he arranged for the founder of the company (James) to do the wedding. I was a bit leary as I couldn't seem to find anything online about this company and I had never met James. We met with Brad's friend and discusses price ans such. We looked over the contract and the price was right but I was still having reservations. I called James and spoke with him over the phone for a good 30 minutes and instantly felt better. He was very friendly, answered many of my questions before I even asked them.

V: That's great! Will you have a set list or required music?
A: I will probably have a list of required music, still trying to figure that out, but as far as it goes, I would like a variety of music played so everyone can enjoy. I have made the caviate that I'm not a fan of most rap or hip/hop music so very minimal will be played. James says he likes to play all kinds of music and see how the crowd responds (as each crowd is different) and from the playlists and Brad and my list he will come up with a good selection of music. It's also up to us to allow musical requests or not (still trying to decide that).

V: Is the DJ going to do anything special like a light show?
A: I'm not sure. James is going to meet face to face with Brad and I in the coming future so I'm sure we will find out more then. I don't have anything special lined up but anything can change.

V: How much of a role did Brad (fiance) play in choosing the DJ?
A: Actually a big role. It was up to him to arrange for the meetings with his friend to discuss DJ services (with a bit of proding from me to get it done). Also, he had pretty much made up his mind he wanted to use them. I had in the meantime gotten some estimates and spoken with other DJs. I had another one that I really liked but while waiting for our meeting with Brad's friend, that DJ got another request and so I had to let go of my wanting to use him since we had no solid time to meet with Brad's friend.

V: How long did you look?
A: I don't know exactly how long it took but I would roughly say about 4 months. In the beginning it was mostly just getting prices and such but then it really became important that we book a DJ.

Congratulations Ashley! You are one step closer in planning your wedding. The day will be here before you know it!

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