Monday, September 17, 2007

Planning a Wedding in CA's Gold Country

You watched me plan my East Bay wedding. Now a fellow San Francisco-area blogger is planning a wedding and sharing her research with you. Check out Travel Betty and read her research on venues in her series Planning a Wedding in California's Gold Country. She's got lots of photos up, which give an honest view of what these venues really look like (because of course the websites show only their best images!) and is asking for feedback from others who've had weddings in some of her choices. And maybe you'll find your dream venue or some honeymoon ideas while you're there.

Good luck Travel Betty! I'm partial to a wedding with breath-taking views, inconveniences be damned, so I like the Forest House Lodge.

9/19/07 Update: Travel Betty is now considering a destination wedding in Bali!

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Travel Betty said...

Thanks for featuring my blog, Flaming Tulle! Your wise insight helped me make the decision to change course before it was too late (not that Gold Country isn't still a lovely place to get hitched).

Now I've got 30 days to plan a wedding 3,000 miles away. But I'll be about 3 million times happier!