Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Say Yes to the Dress- Recap

It's official. I'm addicted. Two episodes in of Say Yes to the Dress and I am happy to report TLC has made me a junkie. I'm already fiending for another viewing and it is only Wednesday.

The premise: Follow brides and bridal consultants as they work together to find that one perfect dress (or in the case of Camille three perfect dresses but who is counting!) at Kleinfelds in New York. You even get a peek into the alterations department and the running of the brides they do each year.

I think for me it is admittedly just oggling all the beautiful dresses. Always a sucker for something beautiful I can't stop myself from watching. I don't care about the brides, their sometimes over bearing friends, and their tearful families. I find myself more into the consultants. I'm still not sure how this show is going to continue with more episodes and brides only looking at dresses. So far all the brides have committed to their dresses in under five minutes. Ah the beauty of editing. There hasn't been any real drama. You don't get emotionally invested in anything but admiring the dress and finding one to say 'yes' to which I guess is the point.

All I know is that I want Keasha to dress me and mermaid dresses have become very popular this year. Stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

I was very disapointed that "Say Yes to the Dress" was not on November 23. Is it off the air?