Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Featured Bride Ashley- Dishes About Cake

Ashley continues her wedding planning journey and shares with us her cake story. So pull up a chair, find a piece of cake and read on.

Vicky- How did you choose your baker?

Ashley- Choosing the baker was easy. I chose Susan Thurston with The Cakery for numerous reasons. The first reason was that I have had her cakes before and they are yummy. The second reason is she make my sister's wedding cake. The third reason is she is such a wonderful person, very professional and very did I mention her cakes are yummy. The fourth reason is I actually have known her son Jason for 15 years. I met Jason when I joined the rescue squad. So needless to say it was a no brainer.

V- That's great! Finding a baker with great prices and good cakes is really tough sometimes. How many cakes did you taste and what varieties?

A- We tasted three different cakes. Red velvet, Chocolate and Yellow cake with Susan's traditional butter crème icing.

V- That sounds heavenly! I am a freak for butter creme! What did you come up with and how did that work?

A- We began by looking at books of past cakes Susan had done. I had something vague in my mind as to what I wanted but nothing was jumping out at me. Brad and I both found a design we really liked. We kept looking but always kept coming back to this one design. Then we chose the shape, I had always figured on a square cake but when I saw the hexagon I just knew that was it. Mix the hexagon shape with the elegant but simple design we loved and there you had it. Plus Brad asked to have a Susan incorporate a design from our cake topper into the pattern. I said to put in a hidden A if she wanted so we shall have to see if there is a hidden A in the pattern on the cake.

Because of our numbers and the design of the cake we have 4 tiers of cake (alternating flavors - red velvet with cream cheese filling and yellow with raspberry filling), with a "kitchen cake". The kitchen cake fills the gap where the wedding cake ends and the rest of the mouths to feed fit in. Susan said she will make it look exactly the same when they cute the cake and serve it so people won't know its a kitchen cake.

V- A kitchen cake is always a smart idea and an economical one too. I can't wait to see the design and taste it! Will you do a Groom's cake?

A- I have been planning a secret Groom's Cake for Brad. I need to call Susan and discuss with her the Groom's Cake but I was thinking I could have her turn the Kitchen Cake into the Groom's Cake (paying for the difference to have it specially decorated to his likes (sports).

V- Again, a great idea and a good way to combine the too and the cost. Are you satisfied with the pricing for your cake?

A- I am very much satisfied with the cake. I know it will be beautiful and very yummy tasting. Plus I know Susan will be prompt with her delivery. She works very frequently with the reception site and is on good terms with the facility coordinator. I am pleased with the pricing of the cake. According to my budget on I came in under budget for the cake. Plus it was lower than the cost of the cake in my wedding dream. Yep that's right I had another wedding dream just a few weeks ago (the first one in a long time). In my dream the cake was $850 (gasp!).

V- Excellent! Coming in under budget is great. Try not to use that money at all. Stay under budget! Would you ever consider doing one of those cake waterfalls or fountains or lighted cakes and cake jewelry?

A- I looked at various pieces of cake jewelry and thought that they would be cool but never found anything that I really liked enough to order. Fountains or waterfalls are fine for some people but just not me.

The cake topper is a monogram letter A for Aldridge. Brad actually picked it out. Well I gave him 3 options and he chose from that.

V- It's always good talking with you. We'll be discussing bridesmaids with you next. Choosing the dress and so on. Thanks for sharing and we can't wait to hear more!

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