Saturday, October 27, 2007

DIY -- Embellished Shoes

We all know those commericals for the Bedazzler. Tacky, right? Maybe not, if you take it down a notch. Love designer shoes but can't love the price tag? Bridesmaids throwing up at the thought of dyeables? Try adding a little sparkle to a plain pair of pumps or sandals.

While searching for something completely unrelated I found this tutorial for Swarovski Embellished Shoes. Substitute Swarovski crystals for anything you want: pearls, beads, small gemstones... And you could turn a pair of Payless Shoes into something a little more designer. Check these out for inspiration:

(Above images from Neiman Marcus.)

Paying for designer shoes is one thing. Even I'm tempted sometimes by a nice pair of Pucchis or Oscars. But if you're really in the mood for shelling out big bucks for crap, check out Wedding, where for upwards of $100 you can buy the same pair of white flip-flops you could get at Old Navy with stuff glued on (left). I'm against flip-flops as formal wedding wear, but if you absolutely must wear them, take 5 minutes to glue them yourself. I just can't live knowing that a site like Wedding is actually encouraged to exist.

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