Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Name Change Game

Thirteen hours. According to some websites that is how long it takes to fill out all the forms and do all the necessary paperwork to completely change your name once you are married or err simply want to change your name.

I tend to believe that. It took me up until my one year anniversary to get around to doing that myself. My husband and I were literally checking into our anniversary getaway and my credit card still had my old name on it. My husband was hurt and surprised. I decided after our trip to buckle down and go through the process of changing my name. Oy! What a time. Sitting in the Social Security office which required me taking time off from work, filling out forms, faxing documents and waiting on the phone. It seemed to take weeks! I still haven't changed my name on my Neiman's card because the process was too time consuming. I've been married six years. I know!

Of course this is all if you decide to change your last name to your betrothed. Even if you do the hyphen or combination of last names you need to step up and put in the man hours. You really have to commit all over again. I looked at many of those name change kits when I was going through the process but quite frankly they seemed like more work and not all that helpful. Plus, they cost money. Why shell out $29.95 for a white laced box full of forms that I could print off my computer in less time? That was then. This is now.

Behold MissNowMrs the new name change kit. At first I balked when the email was sent to me. Another way for the Industry to make money off of women. Sigh. Then I noticed the price of $29.95 which isn't all that bad when it is combined with EVERY form you need to fill out and it is all automated and online safe. That's right. You type in your name once and it automatically does it on all the forms. Driver license, Social Security even credit cards are all done online saving you incredible amounts of time. I am impressed. Knowing what I know now concerning the name change game I would invest in this kit. And no, they didn't pay me to post this, it is just a helpful sanity saving tip from me to you. Sanity. Something all brides need at one time or another.

If you have used this service let us know how it worked out for you. If you have used another type of name change kit or want to share a truly horrendous story about waiting in line, fax machine hell or the general time eating process this name change thing can be email us! We'll share your story online.


Stephanie said...

My name change actually wasn't that bad. There was the time I had to spend at the social security office but otherwise pretty hassle free. However, I put off changing my name on my driver's license and passport until they expired and I needed to go into those offices anyway.

LadyAsh said...

Actually I saw something for that MISSNOWMRS thing on theknot.com the other day. I basically discareded it but now I'm really thinking that might help when it comes to changing my name (which I'm a little sad about in a way - I like my last name).