Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Photo Montages & Compilations

Photo boards and montages are a great way to entertain your guests be it a rehearsal dinner or during your wedding reception. It is a nice personal touch and a way for many guests to see how the couple has grown and changed through their lives. You can capture family moments to share and show happy couple photos as a closing too. I love whenever I am a wedding guest and I get to see these snapshots put to music or just scrolling silently throughout the reception. It not only gives me something to do besides eye the wedding cake it is also a great conversation starter too, especially if you are placed at a table where you know not one soul. But you know what? I’ve always wondered how on earth the whole thing works. Sure you provide the photos but where does the projector come in? Is it a rental? Do you have to buy one? Does the photographer take care of that too?

In comes Projector 123.com, a great LCD Projector rental company that rents to all fifty states. The process is ridiculously easy. You go online and pick your projector. You reserve the type of projector you need, set the date, and FedEx delivers it to your door. You can do it at anytime too. 24/7. FedEx will come back on the specified date and pick it up as well! All Projector123.com does is rent projectors and nothing else. They are so focused on giving you the best deal, service and quality projector that you just can’t beat them. What could be better than that? I’ll tell you what, read on.

While I’m not a big fan of advertising as a post on Flaming Tulle I couldn’t resist the offer that Projector123.com presented to us. We’re giving away one free projector rental to the lucky reader/bride to use for her own wedding! Exciting? YES! If you know of a bride who might like this for her big day please let us know. The first person to email Flaming Tulle (flamingtulle AT gmail DOT com) will win it! Projector 123.com will do the rest. It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s fun.

Now go! Enter to win! Let your guests be touched and entertained by all those fabulous baby photos of you and your betrothed. Just make sure your mother keeps those awkward years to a minimum.

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