Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Ten Week Challenge

There are eleven weeks left until our featured bride Ashley's wedding. That being said Ashley has decided to do a ten week challenge of sorts with yours truly.

Like many brides she wants to tone her arms and lose a bit of weight before that final fitting. She and I have concocted a plan for both of us to stay motivated, tone up and lose some weight over a ten week period. We'll keep you updated as we update our dorky little excel spreadsheets, penalize each other for skipping the gym and try to achieve our goals. Loser will buy dinner for the both of them.

Our goals-

Ashley: Cut back on Diet soda from 3-4 cans a day to 1-2. (So far she seems to be doing this really well)
Hit the gym 2-3 times a week for cardio.
Use the weight machines for a good all around arm workout.
Cut out all fried and fast foods. Lent is starting soon and that is what she has decided to give up.

Vicky: Gym time will include a 1.5 hour weights class working the whole body twice a week. Plus 2-3 cardio visits.
Cut out fast food.
Eat more fruits and vegetables throughout the day. (I tend to eat less during the winter and I need them.)

So there you have it. What we are doing is motivating each other mainly and trying to help ourselves out in the process. I think this is something that would be great for many brides to do. Remember that what you put into it is really what you get out of it. You have to make it part of your routine and not just a thought. Then you will have success. So gather up your bridesmaids or a friend or family member. Form a pact and "get in shape girl!" Hey! I'm a child of the 80's what do you want from me?

Best of luck to both of us and stay tuned!

In other news, we here at Flaming Tulle have found our next featured bride. She's from Maryland and we can't wait to share her story with all of you.

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California Girl said...

OMG! Get in Shape Girl! I totally forgot about that! I LOVED when they came out with the ribbon so you could play little rhythmic gymnastic girl. I shoulda been a gold medalist. I'm certain of it. My talent has gone unnoticed! LOL Ha. I was terrible. But boy didn't I think I was the next Mary Lou? Good luck you guys! You can do it!