Monday, January 21, 2008

Gaga for Kidswear

When I was four and six I was a flower girl. Both times the dresses were beautiful. I felt like a little princess first in the yellow ballgown with cascading ruffles (ah the 70's) and the second time in a blue and white confection with matching hat.

It was the second dress I remember my mother exhaling loudly over. She was holding the price tag as I stood in front of the bridal stores 3-way mirror. "Plus the hat." she muttered. Yes, these adorable little outfits that we ask our friend or family members to pay for are indeed expensive. Is there another way to outfit the ring bearer or flower girl that will cause the "aww's" in your wedding? Yes. There is. Gaga's.

Gaga's is a terrific little website that allows you to rent formal wear of various styles for both girls and boys. I checked out this little number and was amazed that for three weeks I could have this dress for only $13.99. It comes in various sizes up to 24 mos too. There are numerous styles and collections to view and choose from. It's free to join and a great way to economize or ease the burden of your wedding party. They need to do this for adults! You can even get a gift certificate for the site. That's not all. You can rent shoe, suits for older children, purses and hair accessories. If your order is over $40 you get the shipping for free.

I say why not check it out. You have nothing to lose and a very minimal expense. It is one of the best wedding ideas I have seen in a long time.

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