Sunday, January 6, 2008

Bridal Expos- A Great Way to Ease Into Planning

It is a brand new year and with each new year comes a right of passage for many brides. The Bridal Expo. That extravaganza in a ballroom that is not your wedding but oh the possibilities!

What is a Bridal Expo? To be perfectly honest, this opinionated wedding blogger didn't know either until she herself was engaged. Essentially, a bridal/wedding expo is the chance for a bride or bridal couple to one stop shop. Like a trade show vendors gather in one location to offer views into their services. They are held all over the country and typically begin in the early part of the new year and then again in the fall.

I myself love these events because I think it is a great way to get into the wedding spirit. You can ease yourself into the planning of your wedding by attending one of these shows with friends, family, or your partner and make a fun day of it. Where else can you view cakes, the latest dress fashions, try caterers delights, meet with DJs, gather price lists and possibly win a honeymoon and more in just a few short hours?! No where that I have found. With the right attitude and open mind a bridal expo can show you ideas and thoughts about what you might want for your wedding that you didn't even know existed. You can gather business cards, make contacts, peruse ice sculptures, enter giveaways, win door prizes and begin to fill your wedding planning book while having fun. I can't think of a better way to begin your planning by attending one of these events. It may seem like the craziest parts of a fattened industry have all gathered in one room and they have, but it is fun being courted and getting things for free isn't it?

For more information on Bridal Expos in your area please visit these links.

Great Bridal Expo
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Stephanie said...

To be honest, going to a bridal expo was the last thing I wanted to do as a bride, and I managed to avoid them at all cost. It just seems like one big headache-inducing advertisement for the bridal industry. Which I guess is the point.

As a married blogger now though, I'd love to go to one undercover!