Thursday, January 10, 2008

Oh Whatever - I'm Just Going to Give You This

I'm having immense trouble with some email so my scheduled piece on our featured bride Ashley is going to have to wait a bit. In a fit of rage at hotmail and msn I found this little gem on their site. I use the term gem loosely because quite frankly "what's hot in '08" is basically more of the same. GO BIG. Go broke is what I say. "GO BIG!", says the industry and I want to barf.

I'm sick of the big weddings without personality but claim to scream personalization. I'm sick of the slickness and use of the word 'luxe'. Isn't there something better one can spend their money on than a 15K dress with the must have accent of gray? Do you have to have gold-plated tartlettes? I realize that it is the couples day and it is their money to with what they wish, but in a sense it just seems very gauche.

My trend for '08? Don't go for broke. Go for quiet style and sophistication. Go green. Go tasteful and not bombastic. Donate money or take a green honeymoon instead of throwing pearls and using jet fuel going to multiple locations. That's just me though and I'm sick of the gluttony today.

Anyway, here are the trends for 2008 from the wedding industry big wigs. (Then my snarky remarks)

1. It's all about more, more, more. Multiples really. In dresses it is one formal gown for the ceremony and a fun one for reception. (Hey, keep those seamstresses employed with more complex beading I say! Plus it makes your guests wait even longer for the alcohol.)

2. Hairdressers need love too. Do various hair styles throughout your day. (Why not make the day even more endless for your guests. Make them wait for not just the photo ops after the ceremony, but also your next 'do. Awesome.)

3. The Marie Antoinette take on a reception. Luxe floral arrangements. Brocade, feathers and gilded pieces. (This actually can be quite beautiful but since I'm on a roll here let me just say this- we all know what happened to Marie Antoinette don't we?)

4. Vintage. This is a good one. Except don't go buy vintage looking pieces. Buy actual vintage-wear. Old china would look fab at the reception or in your cabinets. A vintage dress or tux from an era you love works too. Antique candelabras and other assorted pieces like napkin rings or placecards would make a unique look. Even vintage rings. This is by far my favorite trend and it's green too. It is far better to buy actual vintage wares than buying the reproductions. It's also fun to search. Have at it!

5. Cover bands. Also acceptable to this cantankerous and strongly opinionated blogger. Hire a fun band referred by a friend or you have actually seen in action. Cover bands are loads of fun, not terribly expensive and you are helping your fellow man by giving the group a gig.

*For the original and more serious take on this list by a Knot expert click here.

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