Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Featured Bride Ashley- Love is Blooming

As the days wind down, our bride Ashley, is getting closer and closer to her April wedding date. She has now registered and finalized a few of the other smaller aspects of the wedding like picking out Brad's tux, stamps have been ordered and so have the fancy napkins. Ooh la la. Now we talk to Ashley about one of the most beautiful parts of a wedding, the flowers.

Vicky- OK Ashley, again thanks for sharing. You have now visited your florist and chosen your flowers. Who is your florist?

Ashley- Thank you. Yes, the florist is Mary’s Flower Shoppe in Triangle, VA

V- Why did you choose them?

A- When we got engaged it was a no brainer for me. Mary’s is the local flower shop in my area, Mary herself is a lovely woman,along with her whole staff and family are lovely people. They always do beautiful work. They did my sister’s flowers for her wedding 11 years ago, they always do the flowers for the [fire]station’s events and I go there when I want an arrangement.

V- Great- so you really know their work. Is there a theme or colors that you are using?

A- Well, since our colors are blue and silver with some pearl, the flowers were a bit harder to choose, silk and real flowers just don’t come naturally in deep blue so we had to focus on the ivory and accent with blue ribbon and silver hints.

V- What types of flowers did you decide to use?

A- We have a variety of flowers. First, we have a mix of silk and real flowers. My bouquet will have gardenias in it mostly; the rest of the floral arrangements will have roses, white lilies, stephanotis, baby’s breath, etc.

V- I hear baby's breath are making a comeback- in small, tight groups mostly. Gardenias are always beautiful too. Sounds gorgeous. Are you over budget or under? A major part of a wedding budget(25-40%) usually goes to flowers.

A- I wasn’t quiet sure how much we were going to spend on flowers. I knew it would be a hefty price tag. We came in probably higher than I expected but I think they will be worth it. We are saving money as we are not doing flower arrangements at the church. First, my church is beautiful without floral arrangements on the altar (think stone, wood and stained glass). Second, we are getting married only 2 weeks after Easter so the church will still be decorated for Easter.

V- That is a nice bonus not having to decorate the church. I often tell brides not to bother. Some churches want to keep the flowers and it is for such a short period of time why bother? Use tulle, ribbons or something else creative if you must decorate. Will you be doing just reception flowers or more?

A- We have flowers for the reception, the centerpieces, and those are probably the most expensive because of the arrangement I fell in love with and the fact that we need 18 or 19 tables of arrangements.

V- Wow. That is a good number. Are they big? Little? What are the table arrangements like?

A- Actually they are big. They are a two level arrangements with a sliver pillar type thing in the middle. I was originally leaning towards low lying arrangements but the reception facility coordinator said that with the tall ceilings of the reception room, tall arrangements make a bigger statement. They certainly have a “wow” factor. When the florist brought out the centerpiece container I’m using my eyes got really big and it was a done deal. They are so cool. I’m so excited.

V- What inspired you? Did you see something in a magazine or online?

A- I was having such a hard time completely visualizing the flowers for the wedding. I loved so many aspects of all these different arrangements I saw in magazines and online that it was really hard to say what I was seeing in my head. We spent two hours with the florist picking out everything. If money was no object I’m sure we would have gotten much more extravagant but I wanted to not lose my head (or the shirt off our backs) when it came to flowers. All in all, I’m very happy with what we decided on.

V- That's great! As always I can't wait to see it. I'm sure it will all be beautiful. Thanks for talking with us.

UPDATE: Ashley has completed week one of the FT 10-week challenge. She is on track and meeting her goals too. She has already noticed a difference in her arms which are looking more toned. People have also commented on how her face looks thinner. That is all great motivation to keep going and get even more results! Keep up the good work Ashley!

Vicky has also maintained her goals making it to the gym twice for her 1.5 hour weight class and doing two days of cardio. She has also eliminated a lot of bad foods and upped the amount of vegetables and fruit she is consuming.

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